[RESULTS] Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational (OFFICIAL PROGRESS THREAD)

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[RESULTS] Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational (OFFICIAL PROGRESS THREAD) Empty [RESULTS] Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational (OFFICIAL PROGRESS THREAD)

Post by SpartaX18 on 31/8/2018, 22:39


Hello and welcome everyone to the Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational - a contest brought to you by our fellow Linotrix! This thread will keep everyone updated on the contest as it progresses.

Contest overview

This contest will be a basic playthrough of the A8 Championship, but with the rivalry being between the contest participants, not between themselves individually and the bots. There will be, however, a strict schedule that everyone will have to follow in order not to be disqualified (in case of an emergency, a participant will be allowed to complete all stages of a specified day one day in advance, as long as they inform the Championship Manager (me)). The championship schedule is presented below

Championship schedule

The contest will last for 18 consecutive days (September 3 - September 21) and each day will begin from the service area and end upon reaching the next service area (so that the game can be saved):

Vauxhall Rally of Wales (September 3 - September 5)

Day 1: Clocaenog Mid & Penmachno South
Day 2: Myherin & Hafren
Day 3: Dyfi & Gartheiniog

Pirelli International Rally (September 6 - September 10)

Day 4: Chirdonhead
Day 5: Falstone
Day 6: Kershope
Day 7: Pundershaw
Day 8: Riccarton & Newcastleton

RSAC Scottish Rally (September 11 - September 13)

Day 9: Twiglees, Yair & Cardrona
Day 10: Black Loch & Glentrool
Day 11: Ae

Seat Jim Clark Memorial Rally (September 14 - September 15)

Day 12: Moon and Star, Bothwell & Whitchester
Day 13: Eccles, Langton & Fogo

Stena Line Ulster Rally (September 16 - September 18)

Day 14: Hamilton's Folly & Tyrones Ditches
Day 15: Feeney & Parkanaur
Day 16: Lisnamuck & Tardree

Sony Manx International Rally (September 19 - September 21)

Day 17: Port Soderick, Ballagyr & Curraghs
Day 18: Tholt-Y-Will, Injerbreck & Cringle

Ranking system

This contest will follow a simple ranking system, with points being awarded after each rally. All participants' total rally times will be compared and serve as the ranking measure. Points for each place are as follows:
1st: 7 points
2nd: 6 points
3rd: 5 points
4th: 4 points
5th: 3 points
6th: 2 points
7th: 1 point

Validation process

Each driver must take two screenshots after each stage: a screenshot that shows the stage time and a screenshot that shows the overall rally time (both screens can be accessed after completing a stage, just take a screenshot of them). Additionally, it's important to record your runs, so the Championship Manager can ensure no rule was broken. It's highly recommended to use a recording software, but if that's impossible, a contestant must at least save an in-game replay of the run and send it over.
The screenshots and the recordings must be sent to the Championship Manager (me) no longer than 24h after finishing a day. They can be sent via our Discord server (recommended), or anywhere on this forum (posts will be removed after reviewing to keep the forum clean).

Progress update / Day summary

Results and standings after each day will be posted in this thread every weekend and daily on the following spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WLtr_eQwDEx2vuVmBKmAS6WYmD-4qSx1a0-LWfVW7oA/edit?usp=drivesdk


  • No cheats or modifications affecting the gameplay mechanics are allowed. In case you don't have the A8 Championship unlocked, you can use the world class cheat, but nothing else.
  • Each day has to be completed without any retries, even if you don't finish the rally (in which case you're ranked last in the final ranking of the rally you didn't finish and you must wait for the next rally).
  • Making major cuts which grant a significant time advantage is prohibited and will be punished (i.e., please drive as cleanly as possible)
  • Players may choose any no-cheated A8 class car and must stick with it until the very end.
  • UI, camera view and other game settings may be freely changed by all competitors.
  • Service area car setups and the transmission mode are up to you to decide.
  • Most importantly, have fun and take it easy. It's all about friendly competition!


CharaTosta/Diatosta in Seat Cordoba WRC
Erwto in Subaru Impreza WRX STi
KomuH in Peugeot 206 WRC
Linotrix in Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V
SpartaRemixerPL in Subaru Impreza WRX STi
SpartaninMigger in Proton Wira/Persona
Twajlot in Subaru Impreza WRX STi

Closing words

I'm very excited for this contest and I hope it goes according to plan. I wish everybody good luck and I hope you all have a good time! Very Happy
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them, and don't forget to re-read the announcement post Linotrix made as well: https://rc2000.forumotion.com/t30-mobil-1-a8-multiplayer-championship-starting-on-september-03-2018#137

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[RESULTS] Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational (OFFICIAL PROGRESS THREAD) Empty Re: [RESULTS] Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational (OFFICIAL PROGRESS THREAD)

Post by Linotrix on 1/9/2018, 14:55

Great job! Wink

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[RESULTS] Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational (OFFICIAL PROGRESS THREAD) Empty Re: [RESULTS] Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational (OFFICIAL PROGRESS THREAD)

Post by Linotrix on 3/9/2018, 12:45


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[RESULTS] Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational (OFFICIAL PROGRESS THREAD) Empty Re: [RESULTS] Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational (OFFICIAL PROGRESS THREAD)

Post by SpartaX18 on 4/9/2018, 17:41

Quick update: this thread will be updated only on the weekends. To be updated daily, please go to this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WLtr_eQwDEx2vuVmBKmAS6WYmD-4qSx1a0-LWfVW7oA/edit?usp=drivesdk
And one more thing: I allowed SpartaninMigger to join the contest, so there are 7 competitors now.

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[RESULTS] Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational (OFFICIAL PROGRESS THREAD) Empty Re: [RESULTS] Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational (OFFICIAL PROGRESS THREAD)

Post by Linotrix on 6/9/2018, 11:06


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[RESULTS] Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational (OFFICIAL PROGRESS THREAD) Empty Re: [RESULTS] Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational (OFFICIAL PROGRESS THREAD)

Post by SpartaX18 on 9/9/2018, 22:42

And so we're done with the first week of the contest! It's been an absolute banger so far, couldn't have wished for anything better, in all honesty Very Happy
As promised, here is the summary of the past week, in form of daily updates posted on the Discord channel (they will continue popping up until the very end, so make sure you're there!):
Quick update #2: Today was an interesting day! ...At least aside from @Komuh owning it again, having won both stages and thus gained even more advantage over the, pretty much secured now, second place, occupied by Twajlot.
There were two shockers for me today, as, firstly, Linotrix fell hard into the 6th place, having made the slowest run of Hafren! Yikes!
On an upside, however, Erwto pulled off a great feat and leapt onto 4th place, thanks to stellar performances on Myherin and Hafren, where he came in 3rd and 2nd, respectively. Well done!

@here QUICK UPDATE #3: ...And we're done with the Vauxhall Rally of Wales! The final day of the rally saw, once again, two surprises:
-SpartaninMigger unfortunately placing second-to-last on both stages and falling from 3rd to 5th in overall rankings
-SpartaRemixerPL finishing both stages 2nd and consequently jumping from 5th to 3rd in the overall rankings!
As per usual, @Komuh left no doubt about his dominance and ended the rally with a clean slate!
...Which means KomuH is the winner of the Vauxhall Rally of Wales and current contest leader! Hats off!
Twajlot and SpartaRemixerPL fill the podium with 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Congratulations to them as well!
Full results, including ranks of the remaining competitors can be found, as always, on the spreadsheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WLtr_eQwDEx2vuVmBKmAS6WYmD-4qSx1a0-LWfVW7oA/edit?usp=drivesdk).

Now, let the slugfest begin, as we enter the dreadful Pirelli International Rally!
Don't forget to drive clean and put up a friendly competition!
See you tomorrow! wink

Quick update #4!
And so we've entered the Pirelli International Rally! Today was a rather calm day, no one shone extraordinarily, nor did anyone become a victim of a fatal mistake that would exceptionally hurt them. So yeah, not much to say, as always, you can check out the full results on the spreadsheet (pinned in this channel).
Oh and duh, KomuH won today. joy

Quick update #5!
Phew, what a day! Jaw-dropping 4 out of 7 drivers lost a wheel on Falstone, unbelievable!
Sadly, today we had to bid a temporary farewell to Linotrix, as he had to retire from the rally due to critical car damage. It is even more of a bummer, because he had the second best time on the second stage of Pirelli International Rally...
Twajlot also had a little worse of a day (but obviously not to that extent), as instead of the, now regular, 2nd place, he came in 4th. SpartaRemixerPL scored yet another "bronze" though and it seems that Twajlot may not be so safe anymore!
And last, but not least, @Komuh unsurprisingly continues his undefeated streak, clocking in at over half a minute shorter time than the second Linotrix.
Will we spawn even more drama on Kershope? Will SpartaRemixerPL's wheels stay in place? Find out tomorrow!
And as always, remember to check the spreadsheet for full results!

Quick update #6!
And we're halfway done with the Pirelli International Rally!
Yet again, we've encountered a few upsets. Firstly, Twajlot lost his second place in the overall standings to SpartaRemixerPL, who was ranked second on today's stage. Curiously, his time on Kershope was the closest anyone has gotten to KomuH since Penmachno South, reaching the finish line "just" 10 seconds later.
Another surprise is CharaTosta's 4th place on Kershope -- his best so far and just the second time he didn't have the worst time (the other being a 6th place on Hafren).
As indirectly stated earlier, @Komuh picked up the "W" another day in a row. However, his time in the Sun may soon be interrupted...
Rest well, everybody, as tomorrow is The Big One!!

Quick update #7!
Today was a big day!
Since I'm kinda jobless these days (ha), let me, as a co-organizer, try to immitate our fellow @x18 !
So, the longest stage of the whole Championship is behind us! By some default expectations, nothing could be the same after it.
And yup, big news ahead: @Komuh's winning streak is over! Can you believe that?
The winner of this unique stage, and the first one to drop Komuh from the highest position of the podium is @SpartaRemixerPL, who is the only driver to go under 17 minutes today, followed by, another giant surprise of today, @CharaTosta! And that's not all! Komuh didn't even find his spot on the podium, as the 3rd spot was taken by @Twajlot. Komuh paid the price of time penalties, which pushed him to the 4th spot, and the remaining two spots were taken by @Erwto and @SpartaninMigger, respectively.

The final day of Pirelli International Rally is in front of us!
I must note that Riccarton and Newcastleton will be the last appearances of SpartaninMigger, who will leave us after the rally.
Other than that, Komuh won't sleep peacefully tonight, as SpartaRemixerPL is within a minute gap before two final stages! Twajlot should keep his 3rd place in this rally, but who knows? Forecasts say it's not going to be a sunny day on Riccarton... and neither on Newcastleton!
All drivers will have a tough time on tomorrow's service areas, they all better make the best choices, as tomorrow is the only day of Pirelli International Rally where two stages will take place in the same day!
It will be very interesting tomorrow, that's for certain!

Take a rest everyone and the best of luck tomorrow, as my crew and I, with fully repaired Lancer Evo V, will slowly hit the road to Scotland, where the upcoming challenges after Pirelli International Rally are about to happen!
As you can see, there's no summary of the first day, but that's because everything had already been updated on the official progress spreadsheet! You can find it here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WLtr_eQwDEx2vuVmBKmAS6WYmD-4qSx1a0-LWfVW7oA/edit?usp=drivesdk Of course, it is updated daily Smile
Stay tuned for the next weekend and another dose of updates (or, visit the Discord server and you'll get this and even more, daily!). Later!

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[RESULTS] Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational (OFFICIAL PROGRESS THREAD) Empty Re: [RESULTS] Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational (OFFICIAL PROGRESS THREAD)

Post by SpartaX18 on 18/9/2018, 12:32

Weekends are hella long, aren't they? Seriously though, I'm very sorry for the delay, I completely lost track of time :
here are all the updates:
Quick update #8:
And the longest rally of the Championship, Pirelli International Rally is behind us!
Right away: The winner of this rally is SpartaRemixerPL! A surprise or not - it's up to you!
Remixer won at Riccarton convincingly, 2nd position was taken by CharaTosta, his second consecutive 2nd position (!) and the final step on the podium was taken by, as of now, a former participant of this Championship, SpartaninMigger.
On the other hand, Komuh gave his best on Newcastleton - what resulted in his victory on that stage, but that wasn't enough to drop Remixer out of Pirelli throne. The 2nd position was occupied by Remixer, and the 3rd spot by Twajlot.
This time, Chara had no chance to set his feet on the podium - as he finished in 6th.

We all expected total dominance of Komuh, but here we are: he finished the rally on the 2nd position; 3rd place was taken, as expected, by Twajlot.

4th spot was taken easily by Migger, there were no big dramas around him.
But, there was one B I G fight on the bottom: CharaTosta finished in the 5th place overall, and now, watch this: he was faster than Erwto for a SINGLE SECOND!
Who said that only podium fights are interesting? sunglasses
The last position, without a single point achieved, was taken by rally-Maldonado, Linotrix.

In the general standings, it is VERY tough on the top, top 3 consist of:
1) Komuh - 13 points (7 pts from Vauxhall, 6 from Pirelli)
2) Remixer - 12 points (5+7)
3) Twajlot - 11 points (6+5)
...and then, a big gap, and then...
4) Migger - 7 points
5) Erwto - 6 points
6) Chara - 4 points
7) Linotrix - 2 points
Alright, take your time, if you have any - and celebrate your results, if they satisfy you! As there is no time for break: Tomorrow we are starting a new adventure in Scotland, and it will start in style: for the first time in this Championship - we will take 3 stages in a single day! Of course, they are not as long as Pirelli ones, but still, half of the Scottish Rally will take place in a single day, so watch out for your driving, every single corner may matter!
Good luck everyone, and see you in Scotland, for the 3rd Rally of the Championship!

Quick update #9!
The RSAC Scottish Rally has officially kicked off!
I must say it was a bit of a shuffle between all the stages.
Most importantly, Twiglees and Cardrona were won today by @SpartaRemixerPL, who has just proved that his victories on Pundershaw and Riccarton were all but fluke. Winning the two of today's races was enough for him to take the lead in the overall rally ranking. Congratulations!
Yair was conquered by none other than the Vauxhall Rally of Wales victor, Komuh. His run on Cardrona, however, wasn't swift enough to secure a second place, as it was taken by Twajlot, who finished it in 2 seconds less.
So, to clarify, halfway into the Scottish tracks, the podium of the general classification is as follows:
1. SpartaRemixerPL
2. Komuh
3. Twajlot
And that's it for today, for full results, as always, go check the spreadsheet pinned in this channel. See you tomorrow!

Quick update #10!
The second day of the RSAC Scottish Rally is up! It saw @Komuh and @SpartaRemixerPL's rivalry pick up even more steam, as they both shared a victory apiece, the former leading the pack on Glentrool, while the current rally leader scored a top time on Black Loch. Fascinatingly, even though Komuh won the longer stage, his loss on Black Loch far outweighed that advantage and now SpartaRemixerPL is even safer on the top of the hill!
In other news, Glentrool also had interesting outcomes outside of the top 2. Namely, Twajlot's run turned out to be only the 5th time of this stage, which is surely somewhat of a disappointment for the third best driver of the championship so far. This slip allowed Erwto to once again have his minute of fame, as he bathed in the sun of the third place on the fifth course in Scotland.
As per usual, full results can be found on the official contest statistics spreadsheet.
See you tomorrow, on the final day of the gloomy northern gravel roads!

Quick update #11!
The RSAC Scottish Rally has come to an end! What a short, but sensational, journey it was!
Let's get straight to the point right away: @SpartaRemixerPL won his second rally!! Obviously, he is the leader in terms of won rallies, but he's not alone on the top of the overall leaderboard, as the ranked 2nd in Scotland @Komuh still manages to hold onto the highest step of the podium. In other words, these two are tied for the first place! The latter was victorious on today's only stage, but it just wasn't enough to evade the new co-leader.
In secondary news, CharaTosta did very well on Ae and finished third! His run today was what allowed him to overtake Erwto and end up ranked fourth in the entire rally.
For Linotrix, however, this contest so far has been a major bust. Not only did he lose to everyone (aside from the retired SpartaninMigger, of course) on the rally finale, he was also ultimately the slowest participant of the RSAC Scottish Rally. To add insult to injury, he is still dead last in the overall ranking, even behind SpartaninMigger, who didn't take part in this rally. Yikes!
There isn't much left to say, really. Remember to check out the full results on the spreadsheet and we will continue the battle tomorrow, as we move onto the Seat Jim Clark Memorial Rally! Until then!

Quick update #12!
Another day - another dose of competition and exciting milestones!
@SpartaRemixerPL makes the headline once again, this time pulling off an outstanding achievement of slaying all of the competition thrice in a single day! That's right, he came out on top on all three of today's stages and greatly increased his chances of scoring another epic trifecta -- winning his third rally in a row! It is going to be a hell of a skirmish between him and Komuh until the very end!
Speaking of Komuh, it looks like he is beginning to tumble down, as he has just had his worst day in the championship, first time arriving at the service area outside of the top 2. Sure enough, a third place is far from bad, but it doesn't bode well for him if he wants to put up a fight against his nemesis!
It seemed like the Peugeot driver was a shoe-in for Moon and Star, but it turned out to be the other way around and he lost to 3 other competitors, surprisingly including SpartaninMigger.
Elsewhere, quietly, yet firmly, Twajlot secured himself a silver medal for today's session, by being the runner-up on each of the races.
As it has been the case thus far, further details are available in the good old spreadsheet. See you around!

Quick update #13!
It is official. @Komuh is back in the saddle again! In a breathtaking fashion, he absolutely obliterated his opponents on every single OS that was left in the Seat Jim Clark Memorial Rally. Not even SpartaRemixerPL's seemingly safe 45-second lead after yesterday's struggle helped him stay on top of the board, as the eventual rally conqueror's advantage over him on the present day grew to whopping 57 seconds! This of course means that Komuh once again takes a clean lead in the points ranking, but stay tuned, as this is not over yet! The quickest Impreza driver in the pack still has a chance, but he will have to pick himself back up ASAP, because there are only two rallies left.
Finishing third is Twajlot, whose modesty didn't quite pay off, as Langton and Fogo saw him land very underwhelming 5th and 4th places, respectively. Because of this, he is presently 4 points behind Remixer and it does not look like he can change his fate now.
Waking up a little too late was Erwto, who impressively found himself on the podium's lowest step on Langton and Fogo. Despite the efforts, he only managed to tie his best rally performance from Vauxhall Rally of Wales, which is the fourth place.
Interestingly, there is no sixth place in the contest leaderboard currently, as SpartaninMigger just tied CharaTosta for the fifth rank.
And that concludes our second Scotland tour! You know where to head now. See you on Sunday!
That's all for now, check back on day 18, when we make a summary and determine the winner of the Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational!

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[RESULTS] Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational (OFFICIAL PROGRESS THREAD) Empty Re: [RESULTS] Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational (OFFICIAL PROGRESS THREAD)

Post by SpartaX18 on 21/9/2018, 17:19

And just like this, The Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational is no more! It's been fantastic 18 days and I'm looking forward to future events. Here are the last two summaries:
Quick update #15!
We are just a single day away from the conclusion of the Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational! To recap things quickly, the situation in the leaderboard prior to the Sony Manx International Rally presented itself this way:
°KomuH was the leader with a two-point advantage over the second SpartaRemixerPL
°Twajlot was sitting comfortably in the third place
°The battle for the fourth spot emerged between Erwto and SpartaninMigger who were tied after Stena Line
°Linotrix put on a great effort on the second-to-last rally and leapt in the number of points, effectively becoming a threat to CharaTosta

So how has the story progressed since? This is how:
°Remixer proved himself to be the embodiment of bad luck, as despite prevailing on the first two stages, he arrived at the last service area second - it was Curraghs that brought him down severely. The final stage of the day was instead won by @Komuh, of course, but in the end, he is only 2.5 seconds ahead of his rival.
°Twajlot clearly doesn't sweat it anymore and he proves it with 4th, 5th and 6th positions in today's races. It may seem as if that should leave him occupying one of the lower ranks in the overall rally standings, but in fact, he is 4th! Not to mention, he has a massive 50-second reserve over the 5th CharaTosta.
°SpartaninMigger had to take a 2:30 penalty, which resulted in him being the slowest driver on Port Soderick. Erwto used this to his advantage, as he one-upped Migger in the overall standings, after scoring two 6th places and an unforseen 3rd place on Curraghs.
°Linotrix continues to impress, picking up 3rd spots on the opening two tracks and a 5th on the last one. His ongoing struggle positioned him in the third place after the first half of the Isle of Man rally.
°CharaTosta, despite being left in the dust of his opponents on two stages of the day, a fifth place he reached on Port Soderick allowed him to ultimately rank 5th in the rally standings.
You know what goes here. I can't believe tomorrow this contest will be no more. But I'm not sad. I'm actually kinda happy, because these updates take up a lot of my time, haha! See you in the grand finale!

Quick update #14!!!
This is it. All good things must come to an end. The Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational is no exception.
Just to get it out of the way, I want to thank @everyone who participated for the amazing commitment, cooperation and, above all, friendly competition (oh, and making my internship a little less boring, haha). I don't want to dwell here, because whatever I'd come up with would simply be - at best - a reiteration of what Linotrix said earlier today.
So let's just get right into the good stuff, shall we?

=== The final day: Tholt-Y-Will ===
The last day of the contest was just as I'd imagined - full of drama, intensity and tension.
Tholt-Y-Will saw @SpartaRemixerPL be the winner, KomuH take the second place and Twajlot fill the podium. We had another good showing from CharaTosta who came in 4th. SpartaninMigger took the 5th spot, so no surprises here, in my opinion. Erwto yet again failed to live up to the expectations and could only occupy the 6th place. Closing the leaderboard was Linotrix, who unfortunately had to take a massive penalty that left him far, far away from the rest of the group.

=== The final day: Injerbreck ===
SpartaRemixerPL all but gave in to the crushing stress. It was fairly close, but he managed to pick up another "W" here, whereas KomuH, only 3 seconds behind, had to satisfy himself with a third place. Unexpectedly, the real hazard for Remixer turned out to be... Linotrix! The Croat was just 1.5s short of his debut on the very top!
Further down we have Erwto, who picked himself up and stole the 4th rank. The last three spots were taken by CharaTosta, Twajlot (!) and SpartaninMigger, respectively.

=== The final day: Cringle ===
The last of the last... The grand finale... The last episode... Cringle!
And truth be told... It was a picture-perfect copy of Injerbreck. Remixer conquered an OS for the fifth time in the Sony Manx International Rally; Linotrix continued his brief explosion, landing on the second place; KomuH wasn't far behind, but still finished third; Erwto's willpower led him to the 4th spot, and 5th was CharaTosta.
SpartaninMigger and Twajlot. Failed inspection. Enough said.

=== The final day: Sony Manx summary ===
Because of the inspection fails, Migger and Twajlot obviously (and disappointingly) had to be disqualified from the rally and thus ended up with no points awarded.
Despite a couple of decent runs, Erwto only took home 3 points, as a reward for the 5th place in the rally.
Tied for his best rally performance was the 4th CharaTosta. That gave him 4 points.
For the second consecutive time, the third position belonged to Linotrix, who aside from the service area mishap, was a strong competitor throughout.
And now, as you have probably guessed, SpartaRemixerPL ultimately stomped KomuH and all the rest for the third time in the contest! I was extremely excited, because by winning here, Remixer put KomuH in quite a predicament. However, was it enough to take the title of the Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational Champion away from him?
Well, I did the math, and...

=== The final day: Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational FINAL RESULTS ===
Well, I did the math, and...


That's right. Here he is in all his glory...
The Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational Champion...
:confetti_ballfireworks@Komuh!!!! fireworksconfetti_ball

Sadly, SpartaRemixerPL's story wasn't quite the Cinderella story. He was so very close! A single point! Love it or hate it, the Impreza Lightning Bolt takes the silver medal!

Presenting a high level in the first half of the contest and holding onto his own place until the very end, our bronze medalist is Twajlot!

In the 4th position we have got another Impreza driver, Erwto! 4th place is always a shame, but there was next to nothing he could change about it after Twajlot's skillful runs on the opening rallies eventually led to a 7-point loss to the 3rd place (to put it into perspective, tying for it would require being victorious in an additional rally).

Although sarcastically mocked during the early days, CharaTosta managed to climb out of the bottom of the pit and insert himself onto the 5th rank! That's how you shut the haters up!

And coming in 7th is... no one! There are two drivers in the 6th place! Both garnering 14 points in total, tied are our lovely rally skippers, Linotrix and SpartaninMigger! This situation is especially funny, because after Stena Line Ulster Rally, Linotrix was 5 points behind the Proton owner. 3rd place on Sony Manx and disqualified Migger, and boom! 5 points turned to literally nothing!

=== Closing words ===
Oh dear... This took me an hour to write. Anyway!
Once again, hats off to KomuH and thank you to every other competitor!
I've noticed a lot of you trying to look into the spreadsheet, but obviously, I had to make it private, so you didn't spoil yourselves. grin
It is back to normal now, go and check it out for the usual full results and not only! I created a little something called "The Medalist Power Ranking", but don't take it very seriously, it's mainly made for the statistics. stuck_out_tongue
In case you've lost the link, here it is: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WLtr_eQwDEx2vuVmBKmAS6WYmD-4qSx1a0-LWfVW7oA/edit?usp=drivesdk

I will make a post on the forum thread tomorrow, as well as pull out some more detailed stats.
And that is all, folks! Stay fast, stay competitive and stay tuned, as this is all but one-and-done!
See you around in future events!

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[RESULTS] Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational (OFFICIAL PROGRESS THREAD) Empty Re: [RESULTS] Magnetic Fields 30 Year Anniversary Invitational (OFFICIAL PROGRESS THREAD)

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